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Koshchey the Immortal's needle in a Gordian knot of Sergey Shashurin. Film of Maria Karpinskaya.

Studio of Maria Karpinskaya New Planetary Television M represents Documentary film about Sergey Shashurin: Koshchey the Immortal's needle in a Gordian knot of Sergey Shashurin. Reconciliation of enemies or war and death of the civilization?
On a visit Shashurin Sergey Petrovich -

Political and social activist. The Deputy of the State Duma of the second and third convocations. Graduated from Kazan Institute of civil engineering the faculty of industrial and civil construction. PhD in economics. In 1990 became one of the founders and President of the Association of socio-economic development of Kazan "Tan" ("Dawn"), In November 1991 established a holding company with the participation of miners, metallurgists, builders and farmers. In November 1991 he was a member of the strike Committee of the miners of Vorkuta. In 1992 he joined the people's party "Free Russia". He was a member of Deputy group "Democracy», a member of the Committee on industry, construction, transport and energy. In the third convocation was Deputy Chairman of the state Duma Committee on ecology, a member of the Commission DG anti-corruption, a member of the Committee of the state Duma on geopolitics. In 2001 he ran for President of Tatarstan.
Film Director - Maria Karpinskaya
Interviewer - Maria Karpinskaya
The English translation - Maya Nikolaeva and Alexandra Guseva
Cameraman - Alexandra Guseva
Film editing - Alexandra Guseva
The music for the film: Ravil Safiullin
Moscow, 2018.
Says Maria Karpinskaya:
People!!! I ask you to be extremely attentive. Listen carefully to my words and Sergey Petrovich Shashurin's words. Open spiritual eyes and hear a purpose and a plan of all events in Russia. If you listen without God and understand without God, nothing except wanderings and petty intrigues you receive. My appeal to you bears many hidden symbols in which a hope for the better future for all mankind is hidden. When someone wants happiness only for himself - it dooms people to grief and pain. We don't need separation, break of our lives turns into the broken crocks of pots in which the arrogance and egoism governs.
We need reconciliation of all countries and people, without national and religious distinctions. But reconciliation of enemies has, as well as all in lives, two sides of medal. To keep the world within balance is in your powers and not to give prevalence to any strength. You probably already noticed that if over all religions one prevails - the world slides in gloom and darkness. If one country prevails and oppress all countries - it will lead to death of all civilization, and at the expense of it other countries lose the future.
If there is a leader spiritual or political and he extends his power on everything, the devil's grin of antichrist appears.
You can create balance and harmony of the world by own efforts. I grant you - through a fairy-tail sense of my speech to open a door to understanding what is hidden behind all actions and heroes of the fairy-tale.
Having transferred this sense on youritself and people you will open a way of your soul to God. Without God not a threshold - the popular wisdom says. Without God all of us are the broken pots. Let God be in listening of my speech and the statements and explanations of Sergey Shashurin. And then not only the truth of the events, but also a grand design of God will open to you. And you will be raised with it on a following step of the spiritual development.
Choose whatever, spin around Shashurin as beside a New-Year-tree and sing songs: money, and gifts have to appear under this fir-tree, or a unification of all mankind and God's phenomenon in our hearts? Everyone will make a choice. And everyone will receive by his affairs, intentions, words and thoughts.
Having ears - will hear! Having eyes - will see!
I am With YOU. MARIA.
The Article of Maria Karpinskaya.The English translation - Maya Nikolaeva.
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